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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tiger woods mistress count

Tiger Woods' mistress count is on the rise. It is hard to say who tells a story and who is a real contender to the title. Arriving at the alleged Mindy Lawton - Tiger Woods hookup, her unflattering rhetoric could make this out to be an early seven-year itch.

Yesterday, it was reported that 31-year-old Manhattan club girl Cori Rist had a six-month affair with the golf great after meeting him at club Butter last year.

Adult film actress Holly Sampson is also stepping up to claim she bedded Tiger, as has a British broadcaster and a yet-unnamed Orland, Florida woman.
Add that in to the already plentiful pile of ladies- including Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Mindy Lawton, Kalika Moquin, and Jamie Jungers- and it sounds like Tiger has a harem of 9 mistresses to his name.

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